The Children’s Village has a long history of providing premier daycare services for youngsters. The company was established in 1851. Our current staff takes great pride in its adherence to the founders’ core commitment to educational excellence. Your child is always our utmost priority in everything we do.

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Comparing Day Care Centers

Parents such as yourself sometimes face a difficult decision when searching for the best daycare center and preschool for your child. Our mission has never wavered in the last 150 years. We work closely with you and your family to provide your youngster’s best educational and social experience. Today and always, we believe that our children are our most valuable asset, and we understand that their formal educational journey begins with us.

The Children’s Village is a fun and enriching learning center located right in your neighborhood. Our premises are spotless and beautifully maintained at all times. Our mutual goal is to help your child learn and thrive in an educational environment that is developed to be the most age-appropriate for them. We strive to challenge their imaginations and minds in an educationally productive way. Our young students have an excellent opportunity to interact with the other group members to help develop their social skills.

The early years of learning are critical to your child’s success throughout their lives. Our mission is built upon three primary focusses. Children will begin to learn the importance of education and work as the foundation for success in many ways. They learn how to grow and nurture lifelong relationships with others in their community.

Help Your Child Take Their Next Step

We are proud of our dedicated staff, and they are genuinely passionate about what they do. Our company seeks out only the most professional, proficient, and qualified candidates to work with our team. Your child will receive the level of personal attention they deserve to stay motivated and excited about learning. At Children’s Village, we have high expectations for each of our students. We support your child as you would to help them achieve their greatest potential. Children’s Village offers a wide array of programs and events all day long, and your child will love coming to Children’s Village every day.